For Aspiring Space Professionals and Entrepreneurs





For Aspiring

Space Professionals 

and Entrepreneurs

Shape Your Future in Space

The space industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom. In 2021 alone, the sector reached a staggering $469 billion, with launches exceeding the total from the first half-century of space exploration! This growth isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking a new era of innovation across diverse fields like telecommunications, urban planning, and even asteroid mining.

The cosmos is no longer the sole domain of scientists and astronauts. Today, a vibrant space economy beckons enterprising individuals. By 2030, the global space economy is projected to reach a mind-blowing $1.4 trillion, fuelled by advancements in space tourism, satellite technology, and more.

The SF Professional Training Series is designed to empower you to seize this exciting moment. Our meticulously crafted programs, led by seasoned industry veterans, equip you with the critical skills and knowledge to navigate the dynamic space industry. Whether you aspire to become a space entrepreneur or a technical expert, we offer the training you need to launch your successful space career.

SF Professional Training Series

Space Faculty’s Professional Training Series offers a comprehensive suite of programs designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the burgeoning space industry. Our meticulously structured courses are led by seasoned industry veterans and combine interactive sessions, expert guidance, and practical applications to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

Introduction to Spacecraft Design:

This hands-on 5-day high-intensity bootcamp provides a deep dive into Spacecraft Design Fundamentals. Through integrated labs and expert guidance from US Air Force Academy veterans, participants will collaborate in small teams to develop, analyze, and integrate subsystems into a fully functional spacecraft analog.

Space Entrepreneurship Bootcamp:

This intensive 6-day bootcamp, part of Expand Space, equips aspiring space entrepreneurs with the critical business acumen needed to thrive. Participants will develop winning business strategies, master financial planning, perfect their pitches, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

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