Igniting a Passion for STEM and
Space Science in Young Learners

Our programs are designed to open young minds from 5 to 12 to the endless possibilities of space. At this young age, our children’s imagination and ability to learn new concepts are at their most active.

Thus, our programmes are designed with education, STEM and space experts to cultivate an inquiring mind, and build a strong foundation in STEM and space science. This paves the way for future academic success and also a natural passion for innovation and challenging conventional wisdom.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We focus on student agency, with the intention to build key soft skills, including leadership and expression, using STEM and space science as the starting point for learning about our universe. With the help of our passionate and experienced educators, students fortify their understanding of concepts and build communication and analytical skills that are applicable in and out of the classroom.

We also work closely with educators and institutions to design bespoke STEM and space science learning for their students from 5 to 12.

How We Work with Our Education Partners

Space is the perfect playground for learning and cultivating curiosity about our world and science. Celestial bodies have inspired the art world and brought amazing technologies to life. See how we use space as the context for introducing STEM fundamentals and science concepts in preschools.

Meeting Nick Hague

Spotlight: Meeting Nick Hague

Our programmes bring the world into the classroom and opens children’s eyes through the experiences of professionals like engineers, scientists and astronauts.

The Universe and Earth

Understanding the relationship between the planets and how they impact life on Earth.

Becoming an Astronaut

Learn about what goes into a space mission and the amazing experiments that happen in space to drive new inventions.

Becoming an Astronaut

Get a sneak peek into life on the International Space Station and how space supports life.

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