Unfortunately, no. The same team can only join 1 category and 1 age group due to potential conflicts in schedule.

Yes, you can participate in a category with an age limit that exceeds your actual age if you wish to take on a challenge! For example, a 12 year old will be eligible to participate in Robomission Secondary (for ages 14 – 19). However, it’s important to note that if you do emerge as the winner, you won’t be eligible to represent Singapore. 

WRO Singapore aims to connect the robotics community by bringing together various stakeholders, including alumni, industry professionals, and individuals passionate about supporting our shared objective of utilizing WRO as a platform for enhancing both soft and technical skills within the field of robotics. 

If you would like to join our community,  please register your interest here.

The number of teams that will represent Singapore will be dependent on the number of teams present at the National Round.

The venue for WRO Singapore 2024 will be announced in the upcoming months. Stay tuned! 

Each team will only be required to attend 1 preliminary day.

For Finals, the robot runs will be in the morning followed by Awards in the afternoon. Some teams may also be receiving awards in the afternoon but not be involved in the finals. These teams will be contacted separately.

The decision to disallow the use of HiTechnic sensors is to maintain fairness between teams that have access to them and those without, both locally and internationally.

The judges will be using the scoring helpers in the case that there might be room for doubt with visual inspection. Additionally, participants may also request the use of the scoring helpers should the above not happen. If there is still room for debate even after the use of scoring helpers, the participants may call on the Chief Judge for a final verdict.

  • Top 3 teams for each age group in each category
  • Certificate for all participants (Based on overall points)
  • Top Rankings for each side quest (for RoboMission only)
  • Judges’ Choice

The preliminaries will be from 4th – 6th September and Finals will be on the 7th of September

No we do not sell or distribute WRO brick sets. However you can look for some selling online.

For the WRO mats, you can get them printed by any printing company on a 2362mm x 1143mm poster paper with a matte finish/overlay. The cheapest that we found are printing services from One Inkjet. 
The Borders for the game field will vary but it will be high enough for you to wall align and wall glide.

There will be no sponsorships from Space Faculty for the winners in the WRO Singapore Finals for the International Finals

If you have any other questions, please drop us an email at wro@spacefaculty.asia and we will get back to you shortly.



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