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Our Podcast

The Space Faculty Podcast was created to bring you insights about the Asian deep-tech and space industry. Our goal is simple: to connect the world to the sometimes complex but always fascinating world of deep-tech and space so that more people can be a part of the global space movement.

Making SPACE for experimentation, learning and leadership for a better world.

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Space Faculty Podcast Episodes

Episode #6: Powering Space Exploration with STEM Learning, with Dr. Tom Jones, Former NASA Astronaut

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

In this podcast, renowned former NASA astronaut, Dr Tom Jones, talks about STEM, space exploration and our global sustainability agenda.

Dr. Jones sheds light on the important relationship between STEM education and the boundless frontiers of space, unveiling its potential to shape our future. We also talk about the path to a sustainable future for space exploration and our beloved planet Earth.

Episode #5: An Astronaut and a Mother, with Naoko Yamazaki, former JAXA Astronaut

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

In this fifth episode, we are joined by none other than Naoko Yamazaki – engineer, researcher, and Japan’s second ever female astronaut.

Our conversation with Yamazaki-san centers around her experience as a working mother in the space industry and her perspective on the importance of teaching children about space. We also touch on the work she has been doing and how space can help solve the sustainability challenges the world faces today.

Episode #4: The James Webb Telescope with Gregory Robinson

Thursday Oct 27, 2022

In this very special fourth episode, students from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science join Space Faculty’s regular podcast as co-hosts in a special interview with Mr Gregory L. Robinson, former Program Director for the James Webb Space Telescope at NASA.

We discuss a myriad of topics such as his journey to get into NASA, sustainable development in space, and how he still plans to contribute to the development of the global space ecosystem after his retirement.

Episode #3: Life after the International Space Challenge

Wednesday Aug 03, 2022

In Episode 3 of the Space Faculty Podcast, we invited Team VYOM from India, winners from the International Space Challenge 2022, to share the most memorable lessons and skills they took away from the challenge, and how their mentorship experience was.

Episode #2: Celebrating Women in STEM with Dr Erin Hughey

Friday July 22, 2022

On Episode 2, we’re going to dive into how Space Faculty’s International Space Challenge can be used to combat climate change and encourage more women to consider a career in STEM.

We’re joined by our very special guest, Dr. Erin Hughey, who is the Director of Global Operations from the Pacific Disaster Center!

Episode #1: Busting the Top Myths about the Space Industry and International Space Challenge

Friday June 17, 2022

Busting the top myths about the space industry, and a deep dive into the International Space Challenge (ISC).

The ISC is one of the few platforms in the world that connects young minds with industry experts to build their interest in space technology. Starting way back in 2007, the ISC brings young, curious thinkers together to find solutions for important space issues like using satellite technology for disaster management, building rovers for space, and climate change.

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