A Hands-on Programme For Undergraduates, 

Graduate Students, And Professionals







A hands-on programme

for Undergraduates, 

Graduate Students, and

Young Professionals

Embark On A Learning Journey About The Space Industry

In 2021, the Space Industry made significant strides. The space economy reached an impressive $469 billion, and more than 1,000 spacecraft were launched into orbit in the first half of 2021– a number exceeding the total launches from the first 52 years of space exploration (1957-2009)!

Beyond this phenomenal growth, the Space Industry is proving to be a catalyst for progress and efficiency in various sectors like meteorology, energy, telecommunications, insurance, transport, maritime, aviation, and urban development through the deployment of new space infrastructure, such as Nanosatellites.

Space Faculty Nanosatellite Bootcamp

The Space Faculty Nanosatellite Bootcamp is a 5-day course that is meticulously structured to provide participants with a deep understanding of Spacecraft Design Fundamentals. 

Through integrated labs and expert guidance, you will have the opportunity to collaborate in small teams to develop, analyze, and integrate subsystems into a fully functional spacecraft analog.

Taught by industry experts from United States Air Force Academy, this course offers a unique opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, ensuring that you are equipped with strong fundamental knowledge and apply that to your work, even if its outside of the space industry.  


The training program aims to give a holistic insight into satellite applications and the industry.

Course Content

  • Microcontrollers and Metrology
  • Spacecraft Power System
  • Camera System
  • Radio Communication
  • Attitude System

Who Should Sign Up?

You are an Undergraduate or Graduate student or a Professional* who wish to gain a fundamental knowledge of the spacecraft sector.

You may or may not be in the space industry but you are keen to

  • expand your professional knowledge
  • explore new opportunities in the sector that you can apply to your current or work
  • gain new professional skills in a growing industry


  • Each student will need a Windows laptop. Instructions for installation of required (free) software will be distributed prior to class
  • A minimum of 10 participants is required to start the class

Interested in learning more about satellites but still a student and not yet an undergraduate? 

Check out our Integrated Space Programme for youths aged 15 – 18!

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*Upon successful submission of the form above, our team will send you more information on the course and its fees. Participation in the course is only confirmed after verification of payment by Space Faculty. 

Want to build
a spacecraft?

This week-long course will introduce participants to fundamentals of space vehicle design. The course includes integrated labs where small teams will develop, analyse, and integrate subsystems into a functioning spacecraft analogue.

In collaboration with

Experience a
deep dive into



Power Systems

Radio Communication

Camera Systems

Attitude Systems

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