International Space Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ISC Starter Category is open to youth between the ages 13 – 18 years old.

ISC Advanced Category is open to youth between the ages 15 – 25 years old. As long as you are within these ages as of 31 December 2022, you will be able to join, regardless of whether your birthday falls after the registration date.

Team size is fixed at 4 members in each team.

To form a team of 4, you can connect with other participants on the Space Faculty Discord server (

and/or receive updates on ISC Facebook page (

Yes. In the registration form, under the field “Schools/Institutions”, indicate “Independent”.

Yes, this competition is open to both local and international students.

Of course! We welcome students from all backgrounds and encourage diversity.

Some of our previous teams had diverse participants which included business students that were able to provide great insights when it comes to financial analysis and projections.

Don’t worry about it being too challenging, it really is manageable because there will be guidance from the technical experts. You can also look for a teacher from your school as a mentor if you need extra guidance.

We do also occasionally share materials relating to ISC topic on our ISC Facebook Page:

(  so you can follow us there as well.

A Gmail account is not compulsory, you can use any email handler as long as it can receive and send out emails.

Total registration fee is SGD60 per team (4 participants).

We only accept payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque, or Paypal. Please state your invoice number and team name in the remarks.

Teams are not required to visit Singapore to complete the challenge. Submission of mandatory deliverables are to be done online via a submission site which will be shared with participants closer to the date. However, if teams would like to attend the Awards Ceremony or participate in any in-person events, flights and accommodations will be at the team’s expense. Space Faculty will be happy to provide assistance and advice.

We will be sending out a Google Drive folder for each team to upload their projects when the submission deadline is approaching. The submission deadline is on 30 Dec 2022, 2359H (GMT+8).

Do note that late submissions will be penalized and you will only need to submit the Final Report. However, if you want your mentor or expert to look though a preliminary report, you can do so at your discretion.

Starter Category
25% – Technical Characteristics
30% – Creativity
15% – Effort towards Scientific Knowledge
15% – Scientific Poster
10% – Entry Submission (Presentation)
5% – Entry Submission (Report)

Advanced Category
30% – Technical Characteristics
30% – Creativity
15% – Concept Relevance
10% – Financial Report
10% – Entry Submission (Presentation)
5% – Entry Submission (Report)

Bonus Points
Attendance of workshops and seminars
Submission of computer simulation and/or mock-up

Most of the deadlines for ISC are in December which coincides with the school holidays, so students will have sufficient time to work on it.

We can put you in contact with our past participants so that you can get a better idea. Some of them will also be in Space Faculty Discord Server and will be more than happy to share about their experience

For Starter Category,

Mission report must not exceed 15 pages (including financial report e.g. financial analysis and projection, excluding annexes and supporting information)

For Open Category,

Mission report must not exceed 50 pages (including financial report e.g. financial analysis and projection, excluding annexes and supporting information)

It is not necessary to fill up all 15/50 pages – if you are able to present your ideas and project in less than 15/50 pages, the judges and technical experts will be happy with that as well.

The combined file size should not exceed 1GB.

This is an award given to the team that gives the best live presentation on stage to a closed-door panel of judges.

Details of how it will be conducted will be shared on a later date pending travel restrictions and the global COVID situation. Check the website, be on ISC’s Discord, Facebook to stay updated!

An email will be sent out to participants after the complete submission of key deliverables to invite participation for this award. As we have limited slots available, it will be selected by a shortlist panel.

The results will be released at the annual Awards Ceremony. Stay tuned for announcements on when the Awards Ceremony will be held!

All participants with submitted projects will receive a certificate of participation.

Yes, you are more than welcomed to join the competition again! Join the next one too!

Yes you can but unfortunately no refunds for the registration fee will be made.

While the topic of ISC might seem intimidating, it really is not! There will be lots of guidance along the way and it really is a great learning opportunity so we encourage you to finish the competition once you have registered.

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