Gordon Wasilewski

International Space Challenge 2024 – Expert

Head of R&D

OffWorld Europe

Dr Gordon Wasilewski is the Head of Research and Development at OffWorld Europe, based in Luxembourg. With over 7 years of experience, he specializes in the field of space resources and in situ resource utilization on extraterrestrial bodies, particularly the Moon and Mars.

Previously, he served as a senior engineer at Astronika, where he led multiple ESA-funded projects on ISRU in the fields of construction, energy storage, and water processing.

He earned his doctoral degree from the Space Research Centre at the Polish Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines, focusing his research on the extraction of water beyond Earth.

OffWorld is spearheading a new era of AI-powered swarm robotic mining systems enabling precision mining of orebodies deep underground.

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