Space Faculty creates a roadmap for learning
and development to turn interest in space to a global career or the next deep-tech startup, at any age!

Our Space Learning and Development Pathways for Individuals

Our learning and development programs are organized into a continuous learning pathway from to aspiring space buds as young as 5 years old to seasoned professionals.

Tech Leadership is Our Goal
Impact to Humanity and Our Planet is in Our DNA
Specialized Credentials are a Key Outcome


For Professionals

Aspiring and seasoned professionals can choose to broaden their knowledge of the space sector or deepen their expertise in specific verticals or to upgrade their skills. Our customized, well-researched programs equip them with the right know-how and access to boost the next phase of their career. Become an inspiring leader through our curated courses and seminars with international experts.


For Youths (13 to 25)

We harness the vivid imagination of youths to strengthen their conceptual knowledge of deep tech and space verticals. Building on STEM learning, our courses, and seminars train youths to create solutions with real-world applications. Credentials are awarded and tracked [using AI technology] to guide them towards the entrepreneurship, deep tech and space segments that capture their imagination.

Inquiry-based Learning

Creating future entrepreneurs requires a different way of learning – one that encourages exploration and engagement.


For Kindergarten and Primary School students (12 and Under)

Purposeful Fun that Ignites the Innovation Mindset

For kids aged 5 to 12, our IGNITE Programs are designed to fire up the young sparks to build lifelong interest and foundational knowledge in space, STEM at an early age. We bring purposeful fun and passion together to create an environment that educates, spurs creativity and ignites their passion for learning and appreciation for innovation.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

– Albert Einstein

The direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future life 

– Plato, The Republic

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