For Kindergarten and Primary School students (12 and Under)

Purposeful fun that ignites the innovation mindset.

Our IGNITE programs are designed to fire and open young minds between 5 – 12.

During these formative years, we focus on inspiring interest and building foundational skills in space science, igniting the unyielding curiosity in them that will last a lifetime.

We distil the most important aspects of learning about space and we make it engaging and relevant – for play, for school and for everyday life. It’s purposeful fun for young minds.


Purposeful Fun

Especially for young minds, our programs are designed to create a learning pathway that will grow alongside their interests and personal passions.

We always have fun – but it’s purposeful fun, so every program, while being able to stand on its own, leads to the next level of learning.

So, youths can join at any point in the learning pathway and be assured they have the choice to develop their learning further.

Independent Thinking to Build Future Entrepreneurs

Creating an entrepreneurial mindset starts with inculcating student agency at an early age, giving young minds the optimal environment to learn and initiate their own learning.

The learning skills cultivated are easily applied to any learning context, enabling students to be independent thinkers and leaders of their own learning.

Our Courses

November 15, 2021

Endeavour Space Camp Challenge

Design a spaceship and stand to win a trip to Huntsville, Alabama...
September 29, 2021

Space Buds Program

Meet a NASA Astronaut and learn how humans live in space...
September 24, 2021

Space Program in Chinese

Learn the mystics, technology & advancement of Space in Chinese...
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