How We Support

Corporates and Governments

Encouraging Innovation Around
Cutting-Edge Technology

Advancing Singapore Land Authority’s Unlimited Space Platform

Through a bespoke technology challenge built around SLA’s advanced SiReNT innovation, we have been able to mobilise talented youths to develop solutions and prototypes that help SLA’s technologies impact different parts of our community. This has created a broader understanding of SLA’s contributions to the community and encouraged real-world solutioning with space tech.

Supporting Development of
Singapore's Space Ecosystem

Helping Countries Build their Space and Deep Tech Talent Pipeline

We support the Office for Space Technology and Industry, Singapore (OSTIn) by building a pathway for talent development, nurturing young minds into industry professionals through a well-designed and connected pathway of learning opportunities, bespoke programmes and industry connection points to complement the education system and meet growing industry demands.

Bringing the Global
Space Community Together

Giving US Space Companies Wider Exposure

Our long-term partnership with the US Embassy for the International Space Challenge provides them with a platform to showcase the breadth of established and emerging space companies in the global ecosystem, providing them opportunities to be connected to other space players and maintain their mindshare in the space industry.

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