GNSS Innovation Challenge

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2022’s Challenge Statement

Design an autonomous last mile delivery solution using precise GNSS enabled by SiReNT.

Covid-19 has proven that there is a significant community in Singapore that needs extra help and consideration – the elderly and persons with special needs, who rely on the kindness of volunteers to deliver their goods and groceries.  But the question to ask as scientists, engineers, and technologists is “Is there a better way to do this?” and the answer to that question is most definitely “Yes”.

What is GNSS & SiReNT?

The Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) is used ubiquitously as the de-facto positioning enabler in many outdoors applications that require location-based geospatial data. From location-based gaming to food and delivery applications, GNSS is used each time the mobile application is launched without the user needing to do anything about it. 

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Challenge Goals

Teams are expected to creatively design a self-mobility platform that uses the existing SiReNT system coupled with other systems, if they deem it necessary, that can autonomously deliver food and goods. Teams will also have to consider the user-friendliness of their design and feasibility of implementation. This challenge also aims to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. Teams are encouraged to be diverse and work together to create a workable solution.

The solution shall include:

  • Autonomous delivery platform(s) for last-mile delivery
  • Consolidated food and groceries order and delivery to the final destination
  • Overcome challenges of existing buildings that are not robot friendly
  • Friendly and interactive design


Project Deliverables

  1. Project report including tracking system, robot design, calculations and feasibility study. Report should not exceed 20 pages for open category and 30 pages for closed category in Times New Roman, Size 12, excluding cover page, annex and citations.
  2. Physical or 3D model of robot
  3. 12-minute presentation
  4. A working model of the robot (Compulsory for teams in the Closed Category)
  5. Optional: Any other requirements as set by their schools

Judging Criteria

  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Project Report
  • Model
  • Presentation
  • Creativity 


Key Dates


  • Tan Hua Seng, Jimmy
    We are glad that the inaugural GNSS Innovation Challenge was successfully organised in 2021. The teams demonstrated immense dedication and commitment to learn about and to apply SiReNT precise GNSS with their solutions. The team from SSTL provided professional support and that ensured the smooth running of the challenge and its related activities. We are looking forward eagerly to the second edition in 2022.
    Tan Hua Seng, Jimmy
    Singapore Land Authority (SLA)
  • Ang Nian Ci
    I really like that this challenge had little restriction on the ideas that we can come up with, which allowed us to explore more ways to incorporate the GNSS into any wearable products that we can think of. I also enjoyed the sharing from the other groups as many of the participant's products were very innovative and cool. Their products and presentation styles left a very lasting impact on me. In addition, I think the mentoring process was also very useful as we were able to learn directly from experts, giving us a deeper understanding on this technology.
    Ang Nian Ci
    Team Twinkle Twinkle from Victoria Junior College
  • Lim QianWei
    It was a very good learning experience as I got to do in-depth research about GNSS and SiREnT.
    Lim QianWei
    Team Twinkle Twinkle from Victoria Junior College

Registration for Open Category

For Closed Category participants, please email for registration.
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For any further enquiries about the GNSS Challenge 2022, please contact Mr. Adhitya Rajasekaran, Engineering Associate at

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