An Intensive Bootcamp for anyone who wants to learn about the Business of Space!



An Intensive Bootcamp

for anyone who 

wants to learn about the 

Business of Space!

Space – The Next Frontier for Entrepreneurship

The cosmos is no longer just the domain of scientists and astronauts. Today, space presents a vibrant and lucrative frontier for enterprising minds. The global space economy is projected to reach a staggering $1.4 trillion by 2030, driven by advancements in satellite technology, space tourism, and the burgeoning asteroid mining industry.

With advancements in technology and the rise of private space companies, boundless opportunities for innovation and disruption are emerging across a multitude of industries. This opens the door for a wider range of entrepreneurial endeavours, unlocking a vast new frontier in the space industry.

Space Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 

Space Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a 6-day by-invitation-only bootcamp part of the Space Faculty Professional Training Series that is meticulously structured to equip aspiring space entrepreneurs with the critical business acumen needed to thrive in the dynamic space industry. 

Through interactive sessions and expert guidance, participants will develop winning business strategies, master financial planning, perfect their pitches, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

Led by seasoned industry veterans, this bootcamp offers a unique opportunity to acquire insider knowledge and hone practical skills. You’ll gain a strong foundation in business fundamentals, ensuring you can apply your learnings not only to the space industry but also to a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures.


The Space Entrepreneurship Bootcamp aims to equip entrepreneurs with critical business skills. At the end of the bootcamp, participants will have a business plan and pitch deck. Finalist(s) will get the opportunity to pitch at Expand Spaces “Pitch to a 10-year-old”. 

Bootcamp Content

  • Strategy  
  • Financials 
  • Pitching 
  • Industry sharing sessions 

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Founders and aspiring space company founders
  • Startup employees seeking to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Space industry professionals and enthusiasts
  • Administrators and Government Officials interested in the space entrepreneurship landscape journey


  • Interested in tech entrepreneurship 
  • You do not need to be in a space start up nor have a business background 
  • Familiar with modern business tools, such as Microsoft PPT / Google Slides  
  • Proficient in English  
  • Recommended age: 24 years old and above (Minimum age: 18 years old) 

*Upon successful submission of the form above, our team will send you more information on the course and its fees. Participation in the bootcamp is only confirmed after verification of payment by Space Faculty. 

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