Building Future Tech Leaders

Space Faculty is Asia’s pioneer in creating next-gen global tech leaders starting with space.

Space is the new playground for developing future technologies from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT and  predictive analytics to, harnessing the power of data, Space Faculty is building the education and professional roadmap for organizations and individuals who want to stay ahead and be the next tech leader.

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Space Faculty creates a roadmap for learning and development to turn interest in space to a global career or the next deep-tech startup, at any age!

From innovation sprints, open challenges and corporate training to community-building programs, we provide you with your very own Space Faculty – curated global industry expertise – bespoke to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a consultant in space education or a space faculty for hire that develops and delivers your space curriculum end-to-end, we bring our vast connections and deep experience together to create tailored curricular and solutions.

  • Tom Kallman, President
    The work from Space Faculty is simply inspiring and absolutely in alignment with the Foundation’s vision. We are delighted to have a trustworthy partner in Asia to expand our work.
    Tom Kallman, President
    Endeavour Scholarship Foundation
  • Mr Adrian Lim, Director of Education Services
    The Space Faculty crew was extremely professional and patient with helping us with our in-house space programs. They curated the material and we were able to discuss important global issues with our students in an engaging, age-appropriate and memorable way. They are the experts in this domain and I am impressed they have the pedagogical expertise to deliver the content in the classrooms effectively face-to face and virtually. We faced many challenges due to the pandemic but the team was also positive and creative with finding solutions. Kudos to the team and their out-of-the-world passion!
    Mr Adrian Lim, Director of Education Services
    Methodist Preschools
  • Hulwana
    Thanks so much. It was very enriching for Umar. We look forward to more workshops like this for young children like him, and also for his brother.
  • Ogynel Manuel
    My son Yves enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshop.  We hope that there will be more of this in the future, you can count on Yves to join 🙂
    Ogynel Manuel
  • Ho Chee Meng
    The course exceeded my expectations. It was great that the instructors were experts in the fields. Topics on spacecraft engineering and life in space were presented in an engaging and accessible way, I too learnt a lot.
    Ho Chee Meng
  • Caleb, 8
    It was fun learning about space, and I like all the teachers. My favourite is the game where we need to choose the items we need to survive on the moon in a group! And I also love the part where I get code correctly and see the changes!
    Caleb, 8

Our Courses

October 3, 2021

Basics of Space Coding Camp: 13 – 15 Dec 2021

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet enim. Etiam ullamcorper felis Lorem ip...
October 3, 2021

Geoscience Education: Future Opportunities – 14 Oct 2021

The Geosciences are essential to achieving the UN Sustainable dev...
October 3, 2021

Women in Space: Space Education for Emerging Space Countries – 9 Oct 2021

What can educators do in emerging space countries to empower the ...
September 29, 2021

Space Buds Program

Space Buds is a one-of-a-kind education program designed to intro...
September 27, 2021

Nano/Micro Satellite Course for Industry Professionals

Learn to build a nano Satellite Nano/Micro satellites are conside...
September 24, 2021

Space Program in Chinese

想了解宇宙?想要学习航天知识?Curious about Space?...

Our Approach

Space is our playground to groom the next generation of tech leaders

Tech Leadership is Our Goal
Impact to Humanity and Our Planet is in Our DNA
Specialized Credentials are a Key Outcome

Tech Leadership Is Our Goal

What drives the Space Faculty team is our ambition to build the next generation of tech leaders. Space technologies have stimulated today’s technology revolution and the world today runs on space technology – from everyday applications to advances like GPS and life-saving disaster relief solutions.

Space is the playground for the next tech leader and we are here to build the pathway for that by bringing together STEM, technopreneurship and leadership in a space-based learning context. 

Impact To Humanity And Our Planet Is In Our DNA

We draw inspiration from the universe to positively impact humanity and our planet.

We build leaders and companies who are not just looking for the next innovation but have an awareness of the positive change they can spark – and architect the future of our world.

Specialized Credentials Are A Key Outcome

We help every learner build their credentials – even from an early age – to help them track their progress and build their professional portfolio.

Every program is thus carefully designed with specific learning outcomes linked to dynamic developments in the space and tech industry, in a pathway that builds them into future leaders.

Why Us

The Expertise Behind Space Faculty

Space Faculty brings together leading space experts and thought leaders from around the world to design space learning and development programs. Its programs draws on the space expertise and global connections of the pioneering team behind Singapore Space & Technology Ltd.

E-Learning Platform

Space Faculty Portal is a an online learning platform that gives you access to industry-recognized courses. 

Courses are designed and taught by prominent experts, industry leaders, subject matter experts and other mentors. These typically consist of a series of short video lessons or a presentation taking an hour or less to complete. Combined with projects and lesson plans, you will be embarking on your space journey to the final frontier.

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